TA3M Seattle, January 2014

====== Seattle TA3M, January 2014 ======

When: January 20, 2014, 6:30-9:00pm

Where: Black Coffee Coop (BOOKED, we WILL be there!)

====== This Month (January) ======

The focus will be user training this month, which is something we’d like to start doing on a regular basis. We want to introduce members of the audience, especially people who aren’t necessarily technical experts, to some simple encrypted chat apps on the PC and Android. We would like everyone to start playing with chat applications like Cryptocat, Pidgin + OTR, Jitsi, and Bitmessage. If you are more technically inclined and already familiar with these apps, please help anyone that is interested in learning to get set up and start playing!

The entire audience is encouraged to bring a laptops and try playing with some of the programs after a brief introductory talk. We of course recommend using some flavor of Linux, but if you’re running Windows that’s fine. All of the apps we’ll be covering work on both operating systems, and the point is to get started playing with some apps that you can use to regain some dignity for your personal communications.

In our second talk, we will introduce people to a few smartphone apps, developed by The Guardian Project and others. Possible apps include ChatSecure (formerly Gibberbot), Orbot, Orweb, Textsecure and Redphone.

We will be providing flyers with links and brief descriptions of the apps we cover, and will post any presentations online. We encourage anyone to use our course materials and if you learned something interesting, to share it with the people you regularly communicate with.

====== What to Bring ======

Bring someone new! Bring anyone you know that you would like to be introduced to private communication software. Friends, family, activists, co-workers; people all technical levels will be welcome. You won’t be an expert in two hours, but it’s plenty of time to learn how to bring some privacy and dignity back into your personal conversations with friends and family.

A laptop, Linux or Windows (we won’t be covering Apple products specifically, but there is an OTR-compatible chat client called Adium that is quite user-friendly). Though we don’t endorse Windows and suggest transitioning to an open source operating system as soon as you can, it’s what most people have. The apps we’ll be covering have both Windows and Linux versions that are easy for anyone to start playing with. Ideally, bring a laptop that has the above-mentioned programs already installed. You can also bring a LiveCD for Xubuntu or Linux Mint, which will allow participants to test new apps without making any changes to their systems.

An Android-compatible smartphone, if you would like to follow along with our second talk of the evening. All of the apps we will be demonstrating should be readily available on the Google Play store.

====== Schedule ======

6:30 – Intro, announcements

6:40 – Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Each Other – Encrypted Chat for Beginners

7:00 – practice time, networking and conversation

7:40 – Privacy Apps for Android

8:15 – Practice, networking, open floor for discussion

9:00 – Official end

====== Links to This Month’s Topics ======






The Guardian Project



====== About TA3M ======

TA3M-Seattle (Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays) is a monthly event taking place in cities worldwide, focusing on the issues of surveillance and censorship, and how open technology can be used to combat it. We bring together software developers, activists, concerned citizens, and anyone who cares about these issues. Our mission is to help improve open technology and get more people using it. We do this by showing people how to start playing with free and open source privacy and communications software, and by giving developers a chance to raise awareness of their projects among both potential users and technical contributors.


Each month we will have 1-3 presentations, with time for networking in between and after. Presentations cover the general topics of 1) Training, teaching privacy and security-centric skills, accessible to novice computer users. 2) Presentations about open technology projects, both to spread awareness to the general public and to tell technical people what they need to know to contribute. 3) Societal issues related to privacy and technology, and announcements for related events and projects.

TA3M-Seattle has 2 goals: 1) Help novice computer users – especially groups that need it most, including journalists, activists, etc. – learn about using technology securely and privately. 2) To get advanced users and developers to contribute to existing tools and sharing knowledge about how to make use of them.


We’re always looking to give a platform to knowledgeable speakers and to collaborate with the local tech community. Let us know if you’re interested in speaking. Soon you might even get a t-shirt!

TA3M-Seattle is a member of the Seattle Privacy Coalition, , and is sponsored by the Open Internet Tools Project .

partial list of groups that we have been associated with include, Seattle Privacy Coalition, Tor Project, LibrePlanet-WA, ACLU-WA, RiseUp.net, Seattle MeshNet, FreeGeek Seattle, Geeks WithOut Bounds, local hackerspaces, local open source-related user groups… and many others.

Please suggest any other groups that should be involved in what we’re doing!

====== Training Resources ======

In addition to attending monthly TA3M sessions, we hope that participants will be able to share anything they learned with others. We would like everyone to be involved with scaling up TA3M and helping to spread open technology. In the future, we will be posting downloadable pamphlets and handouts here.

Until then, here is some existing educational material we like:

– PRISM Break, – A current list of security and privacy-oriented software projects and services.

– Press Freedom Foundation’s Encryption Works,

– EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense,

– Cryptoparty Handbook,

– NSA surveillance: A guide to staying secure,

====== Contact Us ======

We need help! We need speakers both to teach users and explain to developers how to get started contributing. We need an A/V people to tape our training talks. We need an artist to help with our logo and promotional materials. We need event hosting locations, large enough for 50 people or more.

Sign up for our mailing list:

====== November Videos! ======


Embedding information is here – https://archive.org/help/video.php?identifier=t3am-seattle-nov2013

====== Possible Future Topics ======

February 17th – Seattle Meshnet

March 16th – Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies, 1-2 guest speakers. Let us know if you’d like to be one of them!

April – transparency/Freedom of Information Act

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