Cancelled: TA3M Seattle for September 2018

We expect to be back in October.

TA3M Seattle

Seattle, WA
50 Members

TA3M Seattle is a tech-activist organization dedicated to empowering all people to protect themselves and their data through privacy awareness training, local outreach, self-p…

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TA3M Seattle For July 2018: Cancelled – see you in September

For a variety of reasons, we’re going to skip July and hopefully be back in August with the same agenda. See you then!

A few other announcements:

* OSCon 20 year anniversary is coming up in Portland, July 18 – next week!
The OSI will be hosting a day of community-led lightning talks, open
source related activities, and an after party on Wednesday (July 18th).
Entrance is free, courtesy of OSCON, but registration for the Expo Plus
pass is required using the promo code EXPOFREE.

* SeaGL CFP ends: July 29th, 2018 – Midnight PDT. You can get help with
your talk submission or vague idea via IRC and the organizers are THE
BEST. #seagl on freenode.

* FSF Day Against DRM Tuesday Dept 18:

* Register to vote! Then vote. Help your friends / family to vote!
Elections are coming RIGHT up.


TA3M Seattle for June 2018: Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators

Networking and food 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00. Community
discussion after presentation.

Food is pizza, pizza and 2 kinds of vegetarian salad, about 1/3 of the
pizzas are also vegetarian. Lesson learned from last month.



Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators
By Lisha Sterling

Over the past three years, Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) has been working
on a number of community Internet projects — from “Canoe Net” in the
Ecuadoran jungle to WiFi at Standing Rock. Along the way, we’ve learned
that communications technology is both a boon for low resource
communities and a potential weakness that allows powerful enemies of the
community to track and destroy the very things the community stands for.
Mobile networks are vulnerable to cell site simulators (aka IMSI
Catchers, aka Stingrays). An Internet connection opens you up to all
manner of possible attack. Social media gives the government and
corporations information that can be used against you. And yet, without
these communications tools low resource communities have little if any
chance to compete, engage in global discussions, or improve their local
situation. Learn about how we are working to help communities from India
to “Indian Country” connect to the Internet and each other, and how we
are helping them stay safe(r) once they connect.

Lisha Sterling is the executive director of Geeks Without Bounds, a
nonprofit organization that supports open source technology in low
resource situations. She writes about cybersecurity for activists at She is the board member in charge of
information security for Frontline Wellness United (a nonprofit
organization providing free medical, dental and mental health services
to activists and whistleblowers) and also serves on the board of Gods
and Radicals (a nonprofit cooperative Pagan Anti-Capitalist publisher),
where she has recently been writing about lessons learned while
coordinating the technology team at the Water Protector camps in
Standing Rock, ND in 2016-2017.



We’ll have dedicated time for community Q&A with the speaker and meet &
greet after the talk. We’ve had a lot of this at past meetings – let’s
keep it going!



This month, for the first time, we’ll be hosted at the South Lake Union
branch of WeWork. Thanks to and Michelle for arranging it!

WeWork – South Lake Union
500 Yale Avenue North
Seattle WA 98109–seattle–WA

Note: Try to get there on time. Building doors lock after hours. A TA3M
organizer will be waiting for stragglers until about 7:10, After that,
look for a yellow-sticky on door for a number to call to get someone to
get you in.

TA3M Seattle June: Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators

Monday, Jun 18, 2018, 6:30 PM

WeWork (Main Reception Lounge)
500 Yale Ave N Seattle, WA

7 Members Attending

Networking and food 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00. Community  discussion after presentation.  Food is pizza, pizza and 2 kinds of vegetarian salad, about 1/3 of the  pizzas are also vegetarian. Lesson learned from last month.  =====  PRESENTATION:  Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators  By Lisha Sterling  Over the past three…

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TA3M Seattle for May 2018: Newsroom Security in the US and Abroad

WHAT: TA3M Seattle (Tech Activism, 3rd Mondays) May meeting
WHEN: May 21st, 6:30-9:00pm (3rd Mondays)
WHERE: UW Communications Building (CMU) Room 104

Networking [and food] 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00.

There should be food provided, probably not pizza, maybe Thai, and
probably not via the CloudFlare funding this month. 🙂



Newsroom Security in the US and Abroad
by Norman Shamas

In the past decade media organizations and newsrooms have become high
value targets for digital attacks. Whether it is governments purchasing
spyware to illegally surveil reporters in the diaspora, like the
government of Ethiopia has been caught doing twice, or information
campaigns to discredit news sources, newsrooms have become targets of
government ‘cyber warfare’.

Norman will lead a conversation on some of the current threats and state
of security in newsrooms in the US and around the globe (primary focus
on South Africa) followed by a conversation on a new training guide for
US-based newsrooms(1[]), which Norman helped write.

This week’s TA3M will be interactive and an open discussion. If you are
interested in walking through any of the modules, feel free to reach out
to Norman and let them know 🙂

Norman Shamas is an activist and educator whose work focuses on
human-centered information and digital security and privacy.




This month we’ll be hosted at the UW Communications Building, home to UW
Department of Communication. Thanks, Salt and Mako, for hosting us!

UW CMU 104
University of Washington (UW)
Communications Building (CMU)
Room 104
2023 King Lane Northeast
Seattle, WA 98195

Note we’re not at UW CompSci bldg or at SURF Incubator this month!


As seen at LinuxFestNorthWest, here will be some new TA3M Seattle (and
Seattle Privacy and Emerald Onion) stickers and ‘postcards’, thanks to
#6 for the artwork help.


TA3M Seattle for April 2018: Firmware Security and SPC, Emerald Onion Updates

April  16 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

SURF Incubator
999 3rd Ave Suite 700
Seattle, 98104 United States

6:30 – 7 Casual chat, Cryptoparty / PGP key exchange / Signal
Verification, Intro slide(s)

We’ll have pizza! **


7-7:30 Emerald Onion Update

Emerald Onion has been online for 10 months now! They will provide an update of current work, and future ideals. More info at

7:30 – 8:00 Seattle Privacy Coalition General Meeting
8:00-9:00 – Firmware Malware Self-Defense

Paul English and Lee Fisher, PreOS Security

For attackers, platform firmware is the new software.

Activists, journalists, lawyers – regardless of your threat model, the first steps are to secure the operating system, passwords / phrases, use 2 factor authentication and disk encryption.

Firmware security is an advanced topic, but well worth understanding, particularly with data on portable devices and the risk of the Evil Maid Attack.

Most systems include hundreds of firmwares – UEFI or BIOS, PCIe expansion ROMs, USB controller drivers, s torage controller host and disk/SSD drivers. Firmware-level hosted malware, bare-metal or virtualized, is nearly invisible to normal security detection tools, has full control of your system, and can often continue running even when the system is “powered off”. Security Firms (eg, “Hacking Team” sell UEFI 0days to the highest bidder), and government agencies include firmware-level malware (eg, Wikileak’ed Vault7 CIA EFI malware). Defenders need to catch-up, and learn to defend their systems against firmware-level malware. In this presentation, we’ll cover the NIST SP (147,147b,155,193) secure firmware guidance, for citizens, rather than vendors/enterprises. We’ll discuss the problem of firmware-level malware, and cover some open source tools (FlashROM, CHIPSEC, etc.) to help detect malware on your system. We’llbe discussing a new open source tool we’ve just released to help make it easier for you to do this check.

Paul is CEO and Lee is CTO of PreOS Security, a local firmware security startup focused on helping enterprises defend their systems firmware. Lee co-founded TA3M Seattle, Paul is one of TA3M Seattle’s main organizers. PreOS Security has been funding TA3M’s pizza up until recent Cloudflare transition


…and also thanks to TA3M organizers, we’ve also got a thingie.
Join us on!

TA3M Seattle

Seattle, WA
29 Members

TA3M Seattle is a tech-activist organization dedicated to empowering all people to protect themselves and their data through privacy awareness training, local outreach, self-p…

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Firmware Security. Seattle Privacy Coalition Mtg, Emerald On…

Monday, Apr 16, 2018, 6:30 PM
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Pizza sponsored by Cloudflare.

Be prepared that there will be an opt-out group photo, taken from the back of the room to fulfill the sponsorship requirements.