Surveillance Ordinance “Group 2” Technology Review – Comment by March 5

Thanks to our new Surveillance Ordinance, we’re getting public review, with public comment for surveillance technologies. Please get your comments in by March 5!

Take a look at what is being considered here:

One example you can start to evaluate is Acyclica. The one-page summary implies that data are anonymized, but only with hashing (and the hashing algorithm is not covered). But – anonymization has proven over and over again to be nearly impossible.

Submit your comments here:

TA3M Seattle for October 2018: EFF Security Education Companion Training by Nash

Nash of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is speaking at TA3M (Techno-Activism, Third Mondays) Seattle!!

Networking and food 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00. Community discussion after presentation.

Food is pizza, pizza and 2 kinds of vegetarian salad, about 1/3 of the pizzas are also vegetarian.


EFF Security Education Companion training
by nash

The need for robust personal digital security is growing every day.
Individuals, grassroots groups, and civil society organizations are
voicing a need for accessible security education. Whether you’re new to
computer security concepts or you’re new to teaching, there’s an
important role you can play in addressing this need. Using EFF’s
Security Education Companion, this workshop will explore how you can
support the development of new skills and assembling superhero teams
within your community.

As EFF’s Grassroots Advocacy Organizer, nash works directly with
community members and organizations to take advantage of the full range
of tools provided by access to tech, while engaging in empowering action
toward the maintenance of digital privacy and information security.

This month we’ll be hosted at the UW Communications Building, home to UW
Department of Communication. Thanks, Salt and Mako, for hosting us!



UW CMU 104
University of Washington (UW)
Communications Building (CMU)
Room 104
2023 King Lane Northeast
Seattle, WA 98195

Cancelled: TA3M Seattle for September 2018

We expect to be back in October.

TA3M Seattle

Seattle, WA
50 Members

TA3M Seattle is a tech-activist organization dedicated to empowering all people to protect themselves and their data through privacy awareness training, local outreach, self-p…

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TA3M Seattle For July 2018: Cancelled – see you in September

For a variety of reasons, we’re going to skip July and hopefully be back in August with the same agenda. See you then!

A few other announcements:

* OSCon 20 year anniversary is coming up in Portland, July 18 – next week!
The OSI will be hosting a day of community-led lightning talks, open
source related activities, and an after party on Wednesday (July 18th).
Entrance is free, courtesy of OSCON, but registration for the Expo Plus
pass is required using the promo code EXPOFREE.

* SeaGL CFP ends: July 29th, 2018 – Midnight PDT. You can get help with
your talk submission or vague idea via IRC and the organizers are THE
BEST. #seagl on freenode.

* FSF Day Against DRM Tuesday Dept 18:

* Register to vote! Then vote. Help your friends / family to vote!
Elections are coming RIGHT up.


TA3M Seattle for June 2018: Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators

Networking and food 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00. Community
discussion after presentation.

Food is pizza, pizza and 2 kinds of vegetarian salad, about 1/3 of the
pizzas are also vegetarian. Lesson learned from last month.



Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators
By Lisha Sterling

Over the past three years, Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) has been working
on a number of community Internet projects — from “Canoe Net” in the
Ecuadoran jungle to WiFi at Standing Rock. Along the way, we’ve learned
that communications technology is both a boon for low resource
communities and a potential weakness that allows powerful enemies of the
community to track and destroy the very things the community stands for.
Mobile networks are vulnerable to cell site simulators (aka IMSI
Catchers, aka Stingrays). An Internet connection opens you up to all
manner of possible attack. Social media gives the government and
corporations information that can be used against you. And yet, without
these communications tools low resource communities have little if any
chance to compete, engage in global discussions, or improve their local
situation. Learn about how we are working to help communities from India
to “Indian Country” connect to the Internet and each other, and how we
are helping them stay safe(r) once they connect.

Lisha Sterling is the executive director of Geeks Without Bounds, a
nonprofit organization that supports open source technology in low
resource situations. She writes about cybersecurity for activists at She is the board member in charge of
information security for Frontline Wellness United (a nonprofit
organization providing free medical, dental and mental health services
to activists and whistleblowers) and also serves on the board of Gods
and Radicals (a nonprofit cooperative Pagan Anti-Capitalist publisher),
where she has recently been writing about lessons learned while
coordinating the technology team at the Water Protector camps in
Standing Rock, ND in 2016-2017.



We’ll have dedicated time for community Q&A with the speaker and meet &
greet after the talk. We’ve had a lot of this at past meetings – let’s
keep it going!



This month, for the first time, we’ll be hosted at the South Lake Union
branch of WeWork. Thanks to and Michelle for arranging it!

WeWork – South Lake Union
500 Yale Avenue North
Seattle WA 98109–seattle–WA

Note: Try to get there on time. Building doors lock after hours. A TA3M
organizer will be waiting for stragglers until about 7:10, After that,
look for a yellow-sticky on door for a number to call to get someone to
get you in.

TA3M Seattle June: Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators

Monday, Jun 18, 2018, 6:30 PM

WeWork (Main Reception Lounge)
500 Yale Ave N Seattle, WA

7 Members Attending

Networking and food 6:30-7:00. Presentation starts at 7:00. Community  discussion after presentation.  Food is pizza, pizza and 2 kinds of vegetarian salad, about 1/3 of the  pizzas are also vegetarian. Lesson learned from last month.  =====  PRESENTATION:  Community, Communications, Assholes and Infiltrators  By Lisha Sterling  Over the past three…

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