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Jan-25 | Seattle Weekly: Sawant Blasts Secret Federal Surveillance Cameras on Seattle Utility Poles
Jan-24 | Crosscut: Sawant moves to curb federal surveillance
Jan-24 | Geekwire: Fearing Trump administration’s reach, Seattle City Council fights FBI and SPD’s ‘warrantless surveillance cameras’
Jan-23 | Snopes: Should You Text ‘Count Me’ to 89800 to Support the Women’s March?


Oct-18 | New York Times: Should We See Everything A Cop Sees?
Jun-23 | Illinois Law Review: Gunfire Game Changer Or Big Brother’s Hidden Ears?: Fourth Amendment and Admissibility Quandaries Relating to ShotSpotter Technology (PDF)
Jun-02 | The Stranger: Mayor, Council, and Police Try Again With ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System
May-26 | The Stranger: Smart Meter Companies Sue Local Activist and City to Block Disclosure of Security Audits
Apr-10 | Inquisitr: Police ‘Pulled A Fast One On The Judge’ Who Authorized Search Of Privacy Activists’ Home, Didn’t Inform The Judge They Operated A Tor Network Node
Apr-08 | The Stranger: Judge Who Authorized Police Search of Seattle Privacy Activists Wasn’t Told They Operate Tor Network
Apr-17 | Dark Web News: Home Of Privacy Activists Operating Tor Exit Nodes Searched
Apr-17 | Softpedia News: Police Raid Privacy Advocates Searching Child Pornography on Their Tor Server
Apr-12 | Mimesis Law: Tor Exit Nodes: This One Weird Cop Trick Makes Getting a Warrant Easy
Apr-07 | Naked Security by Sophos: Couple hosting Tor exit node raided by cops investigating child abuse
Mar-31 | International Business Times: Seattle police raid home of privacy activists who maintain Tor anonymity network node
Mar-30 | The Stranger: Police Go on Fishing Expedition, Search the Home of Seattle Privacy Activists Who Maintain Tor Network
Feb-03 | The Stranger: Four Seattleites Want Answers from Twitter About “State-Sponsored Actors” Trying to Hack Into Their Accounts
Jan-13 | KOMO 4: Seattle utility used ATF cameras to nab restaurant workers dumping grease


Dec-10 | KIRO 7: Feds want Seattle test of gunshot detection system
Sep-08 | Crosscut: Seattle installs new system to track individual drivers
Aug-07 | KING 5: Mixed reaction to ATF surveillance cameras in Central District
Aug-06 | The Seattle Times: Federal agents install video surveillance cameras in Seattle
Aug-06 | Crosscut: ATF confirms surveillance cameras installed throughout Seattle
Aug-06 | The Stranger: The Mystery of the Central District Surveillance Cameras
Aug-06 | KIRO 7: ATF confirms it installed two video cameras in Seattle’s Central District
Jun-10 | Dark Reading: Revealing Lessons About Vulnerability Research
Mar-15 | Crosscut: Data privacy: does anyone know where this train is heading?
Mar-09 | The Guardian: Seattle police post body-camera footage online in transparency effort
Feb-23 | Crosscut: City Council takes first step toward comprehensive privacy plan
Feb-13 | Geekwire: Watch Me Now: Notes on a Surveillance Society Calendar Pick


Dec-21 | West Seattle Herald: First ever Seattle Police Department Hackathon seen as step in new direction
Dec-20 | Geekwire: Inside the Seattle Police hackathon: A substantial first step
Dec-14 | The Seattle Times: ‘Hackathon’ asks techies to aid SPD on sensitive-video issues
Nov-23 | The Seattle Times: Council set to tell SPD to study gunshot-locator technology 
Nov-03 | KIRO 7: Can new Seattle policy protect your privacy?
Nov-02 | KIRO 7:  VIDEO: Seattle moves closer to putting microphones around city
Sep-14 | KEXP: Mind Over Matters: Seattle Privacy Coalition
Aug-04 | The Seattle Times: Rogue cellphone tracker alarms Seattle privacy activists
May-01 | Puget Sound Business Journal: New Seattle Bitcoin ATM sparks debate
Mar-14 | The Stranger: Activists Call on the Council and the Mayor to Create a Privacy and Surveillance Task Force—Which Is a Very Good Idea
Mar-12 | KPLU: Seattle Police To Buy Facial Recognition Software — Should Citizens Be Worried?
Mar-08 | KEXP: Seattle Privacy Coalition on Mind Over Matters — Listen to MP3
Feb-21 | Q13 Fox: Facial recognition tool: High-tech police aid or invasion of privacy?
Feb-20 | StoryLeak: Seattle Police prepare DHS-funded facial recognition program
Feb-19 | RT: Seattle considering $1.6 million facial recognition surveillance system


Nov-14 | The Stranger: Department of Amplifications: Aruba Would Like to Clarify a Few Things About Its Wireless Mesh Network
Nov-12 | The Stranger: The Seattle Police Department Disables Its Mesh Network (the New Apparatus Capable of Spying on You)
Nov-06 | The Stranger: You Are a Rogue Device: A New Apparatus Capable of Spying on You Has Been Installed Throughout Downtown Seattle
Aug-03 | KEXP: Seattle Privacy Coalition on Mind Over Matters (3 August 13) — Listen to MP3