Surprise! Mesh network now extends along Rainier

Seattle Privacy co-founder Lee Colleton shares the following photographs from the Rainier Valley:

“These nodes aren’t online, but they’re installed. I photographed every node I could find and posted it publicly.

This appears to be a southern extension of the Seattle municipal mesh network given as covered by Crosscut. The network may interconnect with existing wireless and fiber equipment operated by SDOT and Metro.
Note that the network diagram (PDF) claims to be exempt from the PRA and can’t be FOIA’d. I’m left wondering about other connections that might be present in the system on other such secret documents. The notion that a basic network diagram is considered exempt seems like a ludicrous application of security through obscurity.
I’m not aware of any public outreach done by the city in these neighborhoods. Everyone I’ve spoken to in this area hasn’t known anything about the municipal mesh network.”