Seattle media discover the SPD mesh radio network

The mesh radio network that the Seattle Police Department put in alongside its surveillance cameras has suddenly become an object of interest in the Seattle media. Two recent stories reveal the extent of the network, its ability to track innocent citizens, the concerns voiced for the last eight months by Seattle Privacy Coalition, the ACLU, and others, and the Seattle City Council’s ongoing state of hibernation about this subject, to say nothing of Mayor Un-Elect Mike McGinn’s reflexive support of the everything the police do.

1. The Stranger published a really excellent article on this topic, You are a rogue device, giving credence to its claim of being “Seattle’s Only Newspaper.”

2. KIRO 7 TV aired a November 7 report, Seattle police have a wireless network that can track your every move. Their piece was picked also picked up by The Raw Story on December 10.

If you look to the right side of this page and click on the map (or click here), you can see for yourself where those mesh radio nodes are located.

Keep it coming, Seattle media, and light a fire under City Hall.

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