Indivisible: A resource and roadmap to resistance

I’ll admit it; I was one of the people who never in her wildest dreams imagined that our nation would elect Trump, even with the help of Russia, hackers, voter suppression laws, and all the other evils people talked about before the election.

So I’ve been pulling myself together after a period of paralysis.

I can’t see this as anything but a huge setback for all civil rights activists everywhere.

I wonder what will happen to privacy activists as the new junta inherits the surveillance state.

Meanwhile I’m looking for ideas about resistance. This online guide, Indivisible, compiled by former progressive congressional staffers, is very aligned with the principles under which Seattle Privacy was founded: the idea that we in the public can positively influence the actions of our elected officials. At Seattle Privacy we address the municipal government, but Indivisible explains how the Tea Party managed to influence Congress, despite having a minority (and toxic) viewpoint.

In some ways “working to change the system from within” seems quaint now, in the post-Truth era. The morning of the day I wrote this, Trump declared that his takeaway from meeting with the IC was that the election was won by him fair and square. This is literally an insane interpretation of what they reported.

Anyway, I’m reading Indivisible and getting ready to go out and bother representatives at public events, and I encourage everyone interested in civil rights to do the same.

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    Marilyn, check the website for the group closest to you – the page uses zip code or address search.

    I’m in Snohomish too (Bothell so south snoho) and just attended the meeting for the ‘Indivisible for All’ group at the Lynnwood Library today.

    Group is composed of folks from WA Districts 1, 2, and 9. I believe the link above links to RSVP links for the various groups in the area – which there are a lot of different groups.

    Next meeting of ‘Indivisible for All’ group is Sunday, March 26, at 1PM at the Mount Lake Terrace Library (I gather the normal spot is in Lynnwood, though). The group’s email is

    Hope this helps.

  2. Tracy – will you let me know if you hear of any Indivisible or similar resistance groups forming in the Kitsap areas? THANKS.

  3. Will you please let me know if you hear of any Indivisible or related resistande groups on the Kitsap Peninsula…I am in Allyn/Belfair but other nearby areas are ok too: Port Orchard, Silverdale, Bremerton, Poulsbo. THANKS.

  4. I found this page looking for an existing group in Snohomish County. I live near the airport. If there is one, I’d like to attend, as well.

  5. Hi Marilyn,
    Let me know when and where you are meeting and I would endeavor to join you. FYI, I’m in Edmonds. Trudy Bialic

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