Documents temporarily removed; doing redactions

The material in the affidavits is just too vile to expose to easy public access. I will turn the post back on when I’ve redacted the relevant portions.

This is not a pleasant task.

If you, ICAC, the Seattle Police Department, the judicial system, and the rest actually want to fight the horrors described in these documents, maybe you should try educating yourselves. You pointlessly spent time and money hassling a Tor operator when things like this are going on. You had one job, and you botched it.

UPDATE  (4/11/2016, 12:34 A.M.) — Documents redacted, post back up. (See below.)

Affidavits and Warrants from CASE NO. 16-164

The following legal documents are on file with the clerk of the King County Superior Court. They were either supplied to us by the police or by Seattle Privacy supporters knowledgeable in the ways of judicial archive retrieval. Some documents have been redacted to (1) to protect private information, or (2) to remove graphic descriptions of child pornography.

Please feel free to respond in the comment section below.

Incidentally, here are some artifacts of the webmaster’s encounter with a different police state….

We are back

The Seattle Privacy Coalition site has been shut down for slightly over a week following the March 30 raid by local and federal law enforcement on our computer servers.

We are happy to announce that we have built a new server after disposing of the old one that was examined by police and possibly compromised. Unfortunately, the Tor relay that drew police attention is still offline (as is our mail server) but work goes on.

Check back here soon for answers to questions a lot of old and new privacy supporters have been asking us. And God Bless Twitter! We have continued to function there as @seattleprivacy.