Harrell holds DHS grant vote for privacy policy update

We were informed today that item 4, the legislation that would accept a DHS grant for the Seattle Police Department, which we referred to in our previous post, has been dropped from tomorrow’s Public Safety Committee agenda. Here is the information from Committee Chair Councilmember Bruce Harrell’s office:

“Our office just received an email from SPD at 3:19 pm today, 12/3, requesting additional time to engage in further policy discussions with ACLU and other stakeholders and has requested that the legislation be held from the agenda¬†tomorrow. SPD will reintroduce the legislation for consideration once the policy has been finalized.”

We’re glad to see that SPD is responding to the requirements of Ordinance 124142 and drafting a privacy policy for its proposed acquisition of a Booking Comparison System, a likely future component of facial recognition software the department plans to acquire.

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  2. No matter what they say or believe the system will be used for, we must be concerned about what it COULD be used for in the future with mission creep, which almost inevitably happens. We have to take a tough stance on this.

  3. Note that the item SPD seemingly believe to be of chief concern is their potential licensing of facial recognition software to comb through several hundred thousand booking images with which they have been provided.

    Funding for “Urban Shield,” the urban warfare training and paramilitary police gear vendor expo, seems not to be on the police department’s or the city council’s list of potential points of contention. Ditto for the proposed completion of an unidentified information sharing program.

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