TA3M Seattle, November 2013

November 2013 Speaker 1:

Lisha Sterling, “Introducing Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of Kindness”

Our first speaker is Lisha Sterling. In this presentation, “Introducing Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of Kindness”, Lisha will tell us about how GWOB supports humanitarian open source projects by organizing hackathons like the semi-annual global RHoK events and by mentoring promising projects through their accelerator program.

Lisha is the Developer Coordinator at GWOB and serves as one of the technical mentors in the accelerator. You can read her very short rants on Twitter at @lishevita or read her longer adventures in tech at http://alwayssababa.com.

November 2013 Speaker 2:

Damian Johnson, “Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing to the Tor Project”

Our second speaker is Damian Johnson, a local volunteer Tor Developer. In this presentation, “Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing to the Tor Project”, Damian will describe the myriad of sub-projects in the Tor ecosystem and how you can get involved with development.

Damian is has been a volunteer with the Tor project since 2009, and is the main author behind arm https://www.atagar.com/arm/ and stem https://stem.torproject.org/.

November 2013 Speaker 3:

Lee Colleton, “Operating nodes in the Tor network”

Our third speaker is Lee Colleton. In this presentation, “Operating nodes in the Tor network” in the support and defense of free speech, free association and protecting anonymity online, Lee will be demonstrating the setup and operation of Tor on various platforms: on a desktop computer, on a tiny router and also on an Android device in the form of Orbot from The Guardian Project. Hardware will be given away free to attendees who agree to run a Tor node.

Lee is a systems administrator and a member of the Seattle Privacy Coalition.

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