Surveillance Self Defense

Our Surveillance Self Defense workshops are designed to instruct vulnerable groups on the complex topics of operational and information security. We published our observations from our first Surveillance Self Defense workshop to demonstrate what goes into one.

Groups that we have experience training include:

  • activists
  • domestic violence/stalking victims
  • lawyers
  • journalists
  • whistleblowers

Our training content is based on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self Defense guide. The workshop’s structure, depending on time, is based on Internews’s SaferJourno guide. We also have the ability to train on the deployment and use of the anonymous document leaking platform SecureDrop, originally created by Aaron Swartz and now developed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

If you are local to Seattle and part of a group interested in a free customized workshop, please contact Seattle Privacy Coalition. We will provide your group with a survey that will help us best design a workshop for your group’s assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and adversaries.