Appelbaum: Surveillance antithetical to democracy

Seattle Privacy co-founder Jacob Appelbaum explains in this Democracy Now clip what happens to a democracy that is placed under total surveillance. Like David Miranda, who on Sunday was held and interrogated for nine hours under a terrorism law at London’s Heathrow airport, Jacob has been harassed for years when crossing international borders. Why? David is the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has written about the NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden; Jacob, for his part, has been a supporter of Wikileaks. Their experience shows how our governments will slap the label “terrorist” on anybody who dissents or conducts investigative journalism — not because they suspect actual terror plots, but to intimidate and silence.

Perhaps the most thought-provoking line:

“It’s not merely a matter of whether we have something to hide, because it is not us who will decide whether we have something to hide.”

Watch the entire interview.

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