February 2015 Round Up from The Privacy Project: Holy Smokes

Our partner site The Privacy Project wraps up February 2015’s top news in privacy, and what a month it was! Especially noteworthy:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook’s great speech calling the protection of privacy a “life or death issue,”
  • Multiple outlets reporting on widespread use of IMSI catchers by local police who signed nondisclosure agreements with the FBI;
  • Assorted spy agencies’ thefts of SIM encryption keys from Gemalto, the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards;
  • Multiple policy-making bodies wrestling with how to manage officer-worn body camera footage;
  • Lenovo shipping SuperFish software that installed fake signing certificates on browsers and pointed up once again the weakness of certification authorities in public key infrastructure;
  • Samsung TVs privacy policy just the latest of many IoT devices to mention recording and transmitting audio from your home, and so much more….




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