Notes on a Surveillance Society at Seattle Public Library

But first, briefly: Hooray, Seattle has Privacy Principles! Passed yesterday by council, the Resolution we’ve been talking about for the past two years is a real thing. More on this later.

Meanwhile: This Thursday, Pecha Kucha Seattle, in collaboration with the Seattle Public Library present PKN SEA vol. 58: Watch Me Now, Notes on a Surveillance Society, a series of 6-minute talks inspired by the following questions:

What does privacy mean in the digital age? To what extent do we understand the information ecosystems that surround us? To what extent is our world visible? What can we see and what do others see? What is the value of our information – individually and collectively? What is the price of convenience if privacy must be compromised to attain it? What does privacy mean in the age of smart phones, social media and cloud computing?

The event will bring together speakers from across the information ecosystem – including policy makers, technologists, advocates and others to discuss the complex issues surrounding privacy and surveillance in the digital world.

Speakers include Jan Bultmann (um, me) of Seattle Privacy Coalition, Jared Friend of ACLU, Jim Loter of SPL, Michael Mattmiller, CTO of Seattle, Ramez Naam, science fiction author and ethicist; Ryan Calo, of the UW’s Tech Policy Lab, Ben Krokower of CTTAB, Frank Catalano… — well, it’s a veritable rogues gallery. Please come, and if you can’t watch this page for a link to the event.

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