How to email Seattle Council and get on the new Privacy Committee mailing list

One thing we hear every single time we talk to someone with the city of Seattle, whether it’s an elected official, a city employee, or a volunteer on one of the boards and commissions, is, “We are interested in your perspective, but we need to hear from the public that this is something they want us to focus on.”

“We are interested in your perspective on privacy, but we need to hear from the public.”

So this morning, we’re going on KEXP’s Mind Over Matters show to talk about privacy and to ask the people of Seattle to contact our city leadership about privacy.

Here are some of the ways you can contact the city to tell them that privacy matters to you:

If you prefer to call, phone numbers are on the sites above. If you’re a twitter person, here are some accounts of note:

  • Office of the Mayor:
  • Seattle Council: @SeattleCouncil
  • Councilmember Mike O’Brien:
  • Councilmember Bruce Harrell: @bruceharrell
  • Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board:
  • Seattle Chief Technology Officer: @SeattleCTO
  • Seattle City Light:

If you know you care about privacy but you’re not sure what to say, please see our proposal in case it gives you ideas.

Please note that you don’t have to agree with our suggestions or our approach to make an impact. The really important thing is to notify the city that you do care about privacy and you want to see it be a policy priority.

If you have the time and energy to do more, consider volunteering to help out the CTTAB privacy committee. They are putting on a symposium about privacy in March, and could use volunteers. Find out more here:

Please take a moment to let our municipal government know that we are counting on them to show the same level of leadership and determination here that they have demonstrated with issues like the minimum wage, the Seattle Preschool Program, marijuana legalization, marriage equality, and others.


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  1. Thank you privacy advocates for your great work building this site, e-mail lists, and recruiting more contacts to lawmakers to promote net neutrality and privacy in general. It’s an important issue to maintain our free society.

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