TA3M Seattle, November 2013

November 2013 Speaker 1:

Lisha Sterling, “Introducing Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of Kindness”

Our first speaker is Lisha Sterling. In this presentation, “Introducing Geeks Without Bounds and Random Hacks of Kindness”, Lisha will tell us about how GWOB supports humanitarian open source projects by organizing hackathons like the semi-annual global RHoK events and by mentoring promising projects through their accelerator program.

Lisha is the Developer Coordinator at GWOB and serves as one of the technical mentors in the accelerator. You can read her very short rants on Twitter at @lishevita or read her longer adventures in tech at http://alwayssababa.com.

November 2013 Speaker 2:

Damian Johnson, “Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing to the Tor Project”

Our second speaker is Damian Johnson, a local volunteer Tor Developer. In this presentation, “Tor Ecosystem: Developers Guide to Contributing to the Tor Project”, Damian will describe the myriad of sub-projects in the Tor ecosystem and how you can get involved with development.

Damian is has been a volunteer with the Tor project since 2009, and is the main author behind arm https://www.atagar.com/arm/ and stem https://stem.torproject.org/.

November 2013 Speaker 3:

Lee Colleton, “Operating nodes in the Tor network”

Our third speaker is Lee Colleton. In this presentation, “Operating nodes in the Tor network” in the support and defense of free speech, free association and protecting anonymity online, Lee will be demonstrating the setup and operation of Tor on various platforms: on a desktop computer, on a tiny router and also on an Android device in the form of Orbot from The Guardian Project. Hardware will be given away free to attendees who agree to run a Tor node.

Lee is a systems administrator and a member of the Seattle Privacy Coalition.

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TA3M Seattle, October 2013

October 2013 Speaker 1:

Noah Swartz, “Announcing the Seattle Aaron Swartz Hackathon”

Noah Swartz will be briefly announcing an upcoming event, the “Seattle Aaron Swartz Hackathon”, taking place November 8-10. This will be part of a second set of global hackathons centered around Aaron’s work and legacy, with the hope of fostering a recurring bi-yearly event promoting social and technical activism. While goal of the event is to continue the Aaron started, what Noah needs help with is figuring out what current problems need solutions, as well as finding local participants and project ideas for this hackathon. The event will happen simultaneously with a number of other coordinated events around the world, but the Seattle event will need to have it’s own specific projects to work on, so please start thinking of ideas to give Noah.


October 2013 Speaker 2:

Jeremy Johnson, “Protecting your privacy, anonymity and security with Linux and Open Source tools”

Our first speaker is Jeremy Johnson. In this presentation, “Protecting your privacy, anonymity and security with Linux and Open Source tools”, Jeremy gives an overview of the available tools and configurations for basic through advanced level security and privacy measures. He will discuss example configurations, communication methods, and on-going operational security. All slides and presentation notes will be available for download. The talk will not include specific instructions for setup, but will have several resources available in the downloadable materials. If conditions allow, Jeremy will have a QubesOS laptop for demonstrations and hands-on purposes.

Jeremy has been using UNIX/Linux since 1996 both personally and professionally. While Ubuntu/Debian based distributions are his current platforms, Jeremy remains agnostic about which OS is superior as they all have strengths and weaknesses. Since 2001, Jeremy has been concerned about privacy and users’ rights and has been doing something about it since 2004. The latest NSA revelations have spurred him to share with anybody who will listen (and sometimes those who won’t) the tools and techniques that he uses. Jeremy currently works as a System Security Administrator at a Tribal Casino but has been a Database Administrator, Web Developer, HIPAA Compliance Officer, Network Engineer, and a UNIX Administrator in the past. For fun, he volunteers with a Mountain Rescue unit and attends the annual DefCon conference, a large and popular hacker conference.

Twitter: @beyondnegative
Tumblr: https://beyondnegative.tumblr.com
Email: jeremy/at/sectiva/com
GPG Key: https://sectiva.com/public.key

October 2013 Speaker 3:

Jamela Debelak, “Reigning in Government Surveillance in Washington”

Our second speaker is Jamela Debelak. In this presentation, “Reigning in Government Surveillance in Washington”, Jamela will be speaking about the ACLU-WA’s work focused on government use of surveillance technology. She will discuss various types of new technology such as automated license plate readers and drones and what the ACLU-WA is doing to ensure that government use of these technologies does not infringe upon our privacy rights.

Jamela Debelak is the Technology and Liberty Director at the ACLU of Washington where she works to promote technology policy that protects and advances civil liberties in Washington. Prior to joining the ACLU-WA, she was Executive Director of the Center on Law and Information Policy at Fordham Law School. While there, she led research and programming on issues related to children’s privacy, internet intermediary liability and online speech. She previously worked as an attorney at Dechert LLP in Philadelphia and New York, specializing in corporate and intellectual property issues. Jamela graduated magna cum laude from Temple University School of Law in 2005 and holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University.


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TA3M Seattle, September 2013

September 2013 Speaker 1:

Jason Self, “The FSF, LibrePlanet, And GNU”

Jason Self, a free software and free culture activist, will be giving a talk entitled “The FSF, LibrePlanet, And GNU”. In this talk, Jason gives an introduction to the Free Software Foundation, their efforts for Free Society – including it’s anti-Surveillance campaign, their free software projects, including including GNU/Linux, their local LibrePlanet Washington State community, and some related upcoming events.

September 2013 Speaker 2:

Jerry Whiting, “Life Online Post-PRISM: tiptoeing through cyberspace”

If you’ve been awake and paying attention the last month you know that the National Security Agency among others has been eavesdropping, wiretapping, and invading our privacy for years. Jerry will review what the NSA can and can’t do, as well as what the NSA does and doesn’t do.

More importantly he’ll discuss what we as individuals can do in response including truly secure password hygiene, encryption and cryptography that actually works, Tor, the anonymizing network, and a new security model that assumes ever-present surveillance. A Tor relay will be configured and given away as well as flash drives and CDs full of tools and toys.

Jerry Whiting engages in what he calls “political computing” providing assistance and guidance to activists, NGOs, and others. He has done encryption and cryptography for 15+ years, runs Tor relays, and lectures on related topics. Founder of Azalea Software, he served on Seattle’s Citizens Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) for 4 years and publishes JetCityOrange. Jerry has done presentations for #OccupySeattle, Seattle Mini Maker Faire, ToorCamp, and Ada Books. He works with elders of the Black Panther Party, the Tibetan diaspora, and others engaged in the struggle around the world.

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