Here’s a template for universal video surveillance, but at least it’s GREEN!

Isn’t this a lovely logo with a lovely message? Silicon and chlorophyll, kissed by the sun in a circle of life….

But the solar lighting company Sun-In-One has more to offer than just lighting. It also offers street lamp modules with motion detection, video surveillance, and mesh networking. Now cities can light roadways and record every movement of their citizens — all in one, convenient, extensible package. Image analysis software included!

Attention Seattle Police Department: Get those facial recognition databases ready.

Attention Seattle City Light: The ATF won’t have to work through you anymore to put up illegal cameras.

Read the product brochure for details.


Tell City Council that Feds Must Follow Seattle Law

Call for action: Demand transparency related to federal government surveillance in Seattle


Email the city and insist that city employees document cooperation with federal requests for surveillance cameras.


What: Meeting of Seattle City Council Committee on Energy and Environment. Agenda:…

When: Tuesday, January 24, at 2 pm

Where: Council Chambers at Seattle City Hall (601 5th Avenue, at Cherry)

Why: Of interest in the agenda is item #2:

Warrantless Surveillance Cameras in Seattle: How to protect
the privacy of Seattleites and reverse the proliferation of
surveillance cameras installed by the Seattle Police
Department and Federal law enforcement agencies on SCL
polls in public space without democratic authorization or

As many of you will know, Seattle currently has legislation about surveillance equipment on the books. Currently, however, federal agencies ignore it (because it doesn’t apply to them) and use city resources to put up their own cameras. Seattle Privacy has documented several cases where the ATF or FBI entered into informal, off-the-record, verbal agreements Seattle City Light employees allowing the placement of cameras on utility poles.

We support the committee’s study of this issue call on the committee members to back corrective legislation.

What you can do

Attend the meeting if you can, and speak out during the public comment period.

If you can’t attend, you can submit a public comment by emailing the committee members:

For example, you might feel that…

  • Any agreements between federal and city agencies regarding surveillance equipment should be written down and FOIA-able.
  • The public should know who makes the call to allow ATF cameras.
  • The lack of transparency in the city’s dealings with the federal government is at odds with our status as a sanctuary city.

We’ll be at the meeting, and hope to see you there.

Documents temporarily removed; doing redactions

The material in the affidavits is just too vile to expose to easy public access. I will turn the post back on when I’ve redacted the relevant portions.

This is not a pleasant task.

If you, ICAC, the Seattle Police Department, the judicial system, and the rest actually want to fight the horrors described in these documents, maybe you should try educating yourselves. You pointlessly spent time and money hassling a Tor operator when things like this are going on. You had one job, and you botched it.

UPDATE  (4/11/2016, 12:34 A.M.) — Documents redacted, post back up. (See below.)

Affidavits and Warrants from CASE NO. 16-164

The following legal documents are on file with the clerk of the King County Superior Court. They were either supplied to us by the police or by Seattle Privacy supporters knowledgeable in the ways of judicial archive retrieval. Some documents have been redacted to (1) to protect private information, or (2) to remove graphic descriptions of child pornography.

Please feel free to respond in the comment section below.

Incidentally, here are some artifacts of the webmaster’s encounter with a different police state….